Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Blog Mentions of our Charity press release

Pocket Picks: Do your bit for charity by, er, buying stuff with your phone
Picked by Stuart August 7th, 2006 in News

Mobile payments company LUUP has launched a mobile donation system for Cystic Fibrosis charity CFUK. For every new user who signs up on the LUUP website, the firm will donate £2 to CFUK, while users can also donate up to £800 at a time to the charity from their account.

LUUP launched earlier this year, and is basically a mobile wallet, allowing you to use your phone to buy mobile content, and now donate to charity. It’s being pitched as an alternative to premium SMS. LUUP says donating using its system means charities like CFUK get more money than using premium SMS – although I’m not sure how many people are actually using that method already, compared to traditional donation methods like direct debits.

Still, if this means less people with clipboards jumping in front of me in the street, I’m all for it. Does this make me A Bad Person? Don’t answer that.

Text to Screen: LUUP launches mobile donations for Cystic Fibrosis charity

LUUP, the mobile payments service, have launched service for Cystic Fibrosis charity CFUK, to enable visitors to the CFUK shop to pay for items via their mobile handset. Now that’s pretty neat in itself, however of course, LUUP have also provided a donation facility too.

Now it makes a lot more sense to use LUUP to make your mobile donation that it does using premium rate SMS because the operators take flipping great wads of your cash before it ever gets to the recipient. As an example: On a £5 donation, CFUK gets at least 15% more of the proceeds than it would if you’d given £5 via premium SMS.

When you’re on the CFUK shop, you can see the payment options on the left — the usual credit card symbols, PayPal — and now LUUP!

I think I have a LUUP account. I need to use it more! […]

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