Thursday, October 05, 2006

Youth & Texting - from 160 Characters

News: U TXTING 2 ME?

Submitted by Mike Grenville on Thu, 28 Sep 2006 17:40

An online debate by Spiked that is looking at the impact that mobile phones are having on young people is inviting contributions.

Whether texting, talking or being tracked by worried parents, young people live in a mobile-connected world. How are new technologies re-shaping the boundaries between childhood and adulthood? And who should set the boundaries - teenagers, parents, governments or companies?

The debate is hosted by independent online debating group spiked and sponsored by O2.

To start the debate off, four pieces have been published:
  • ED MAYO, chief executive of the National Consumer Council, argues that 'the views of young people need to be taken into account - they're often far more sophisticated than the regulator's': The boundaries to protection
  • JENNIE BRISTOW, former commisioning editor of spiked and freelance writer, argues that 'parenting is full of challenges but clamping down on children's attempts to use mobiles would be a mistake'. Children should be allowed their freedom
  • JOHN CARR, chair of the UK's Children's Charities' Coalition on Internet Safety, argues that 'we all have to take responsibility for child protection'. There is no monopoly of concern
  • JONNY SHIPP, head of content control at O2, argues that 'kids may be inexperienced in life but they're streets ahead of their parents in realizing the creative and social possibilities of mobiles'. Safety in social networking

The debate is open for contributions here:

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