Friday, November 17, 2006

Amp'd & Obopay partnership - MoCoNews

» Amp'd Launches Mobile Payments
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Amp'd has signed up Obopay to offer a mobile payments solution. From the press release: "Amp'd Mobile device users will be able to send money to any mobile phone number and instantly receive money from any Obopay user. The service also comes with an Obopay companion prepaid debit MasterCard that lets users conduct retail transactions at more than 5.5 million retail locations and 396,000 ATMs in the U.S. using their Obopay account funds. With Obopay's account management features, users can also refer friends, check balances, get money owed from other mobile users, and view transaction histories." The two companies are also offering a $25 bonus to people who sign up for an Obopay account.
For me, the interesting part will be when people will be able to send small amounts of money to each other, or a company selling mobile content, without losing a whopping slice of it to the telcos. (Press Release PDF)

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Anonymous said...

Nothing going to any telcos on this one, the only charge on Obopay is ten cents if you send money.