Thursday, March 08, 2007

Bango's summary of Payforit

Mandatory Payforit compliance in UK coming soon: Protect your business

Traditional text message driven mobile content sales are in decline. The big growth is now in browse and buy, WAP based, content sales.

Payforit logoTo ensure customer protection as they drive this new model forward, the UK mobile operators are mandating Payforit compliance if you want to offer your content through a mobile web experience.

To meet their requirements, and benefit from the transition to the internet model, you must...

  • Design your mobile content service to work with and without the user's phone number being provided to you.
  • Select a Payforit accredited intermediary to collect payments on your behalf.

If you don't take these steps, your mobile content business is at serious risk. Mandatory Payforit compliance starts as early as 1st June 2007.

Payforit for WAP billing in the UK

What is Payforit?

Payforit is a UK cross-mobile operator initiative to promote a safe and trustworthy environment for mobile phone users to purchase goods and services on the mobile web and charge to their mobile phone. It aims to improve the consumer experience for one-time and subscription based services by introducing a safe, transparent and unified approach to mobile purchases.

Payforit applies to the following:
  • One-off payments
  • Refunds
  • Subscription set-up
  • MSISDN pass through
  • Subscription payments
  • Customer care
  • Subscription management
  • Audit tracking

Payforit compliance will be automatically implemented as required by the UK operators within the Bango WAP based payment flow. You don't need to change anything in your mobile website.

Earlier in 2007, Bango organized and hosted a very successful session where 35 leading content providers met with the 5 UK operators to discuss Payforit and the way ahead. O2 announced their intent to mandate Payforit for "WAP billing" flows from June 2007. Each operator may add its own implementation requirements, and the scheme rules are likely to evolve over time as they each learn more about the different models.

We are ready to activate Payforit the moment it becomes mandatory.

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