Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Richard Kershaw blogs about LUUP


Bubble 2.0: Invest like it's 1999

Luup - Make your money mobile

Mobile startups are being hyped to high heaven.

The excellent MobileCrunch is filled with great ideas paired with half-baked innovative business models that will never make enough money to cover my monthly mobile bill.

Understandly, sceptics cry Bubble 2.0, although one blogger has already pointed out that it’s only a bubble if the price goes up.

I say: who in their right mind squares up to Google with their own take on AdWords/AdSense mobile? Google are cagey about mobile text ads, but a launch is inevitable.

But there’s the odd gem that - gasp! - appears to boast a workable business model alongside the Aeron chairs, excessive VC funding and fußball table.

Luup lets users send and receive cash with a simple system of text messages. Most Luup services are free to use - presumably until SMS costs and fraud rocket.

Luup are presenting at the 6 February Mobile Monday meetup on mobile payments, alongside Reporo and Mi-Pay. See you there.

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