Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Zopa Blog an interesting read - from Feedblitz

Zopa - A Finance 2.0 Company

zopalogo.gifOne of the cool things about Zopa is their Zopa blog where they talk regularly about the stuff they're doing in revolutionizing the consumer finance space. We first wrote about Zopa last August.

Let's declare a new category of companies - call them Finance 2.0 companies (similar to those Web 2.0 companies) - that includes folks like Zopa who are purposely conversational with their market and customers.

The latest Zopa blog post, New Kid On The Block, welcomes as a competitor in this space. Sorta reminds me of that Apple ad way back when IBM launched its first PC. We'll have to see whether joins the Finance 2.0 club - or not. No signs of a company blog from them yet.

Separately, Umair Haque blogs on his BubbleGeneration blog about and points out that Benchmark Capital has invested in both companies. He also discusses the potential size of this market opportunity and suggests the last similar innovation in the consumer financial services space was PayPal.

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