Tuesday, December 20, 2005

» Nielsen Reports On Mobile Entertainment And Gaming

» Nielsen Reports On Mobile Entertainment And Gaming - Moconews.net
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Nielsen has done a couple of new studies, Benchmarking the Active Gamer study and Benchmarking Mobile Entertainment. The studies will be published tomorrow, but there’s quite a few stats available today, including:

  • On average, active mobile phone consumers report spending 17 hours on their phones per week, 13 talking and 4 on data services, surpassing music, video games, movie going and home entertainment
  • Topping all entertainment expenditures for share of wallet, mobile phone users spend $57.50 each month on their phone and related services
  • Of the mobile consumers polled, 60% said they pay for text messaging; 48% for custom ring tones; and 22% for games
  • One in five (21%) teens downloaded at least 10 ringtones in the last three months, including one in eight (12%) who downloaded 15 or more
  • 18% of active gamers have downloaded a game to their cell phone, with nearly two-thirds (63%) rating their experience from good to excellent

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