Wednesday, December 28, 2005

PayPal's Consumer Advertising

From Payment News:

"Over the Christmas holiday weekend, I happened to notice that PayPal had some consumer-focused advertising up on the Boston Globe's website - in the right sidebar of the Globe's Business section- note that PayPal's ad is in an ad rotation and you may not see it unless you refresh the page several times. This is the first time that I recall seeing this kind of consumer-focused advertising from PayPal.

A Flash animation in "skyscraper" format, PayPal's ad consisted of several sequences that played through one time on the page:

  • Text: "Remove the hesitation from shopping online."
  • An image of a credit card with its numbers animated.
  • Text: "Shop without sharing your financial information."
  • A "Learn More" button linking to this landing page with the theme "PayPal. Privacy is Built In"."

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