Monday, April 10, 2006

MoCoNews reports the PayPal CTIA keynote

» @ CTIA: Keynote: Jeff Jordan, President, PayPal; "It's That Easy"
[by staci d. kramer]

Finally, a keynote demo that works ... We've already mentioned PayPal Mobile's launch and its deals with mobile content partners. Jeff Jordan, president of PayPal, showed off the process starting with a magazine ad featuring the text code for the "Walk The Line" DVD. He sent the code and within seconds received a callback from PayPal Mobile to confirm the purchase as we listened in by speakerphone. In less than a minute, he'd spent nearly $20. No searching. Jordan said he was putting to rest the saying "that mobile commerce is always two years away." Not so sure about that but pulling this off without a glitch should increase the confidence level.
Jordan followed that by invoking Magic Johnson as he talked about how to raise money for charity with PayPal Mobile - and then bringing Johnson out. The basketball icon talked about his business ventures and the vital role of mobile in the African-Amercian community.

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