Monday, April 10, 2006

Wired on US phone survey

Wired News: We Want More From Our Phones:

"Wired News Report 09:15 AM Apr, 07, 2006

Not many people use their cell phone to buy movie tickets, watch videos or play games, but a significant number of Americans are interested in doing just that.

A national study by the Pew Research Center's Pew Internet & American Life Project, the Associated Press and AOL supplied statistics to support these beliefs as it examined how people use their phones.

The survey conducted last month found that 6 percent of cell phone users play music on their device, for example, while 19 percent wish their phone had that feature. A mere 2 percent watch mobile video or TV, but 14 percent said they would like to.

The study also found unsurprising differences between the generations, with younger adults more likely to use their phones for entertainment. For instance, nearly a quarter (23 percent) of those ages 18-29 wanted to watch TV on their cell but only 15 percent of the 30-49 age bracket, 4 percent of users between 50-64, and 6 percent of those 65 and over were interested in that capability."

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