Thursday, June 08, 2006

Great article on Mobile Content at MoCoNews

Pros and Cons of Mobile Game Development

In some ways mobile games epitomise mobile content -- the pros and cons are the same, but more exaggerated. Device fragmentation is a problem for all mobile content, but it is a particular problem for mobile game developers. There are more mobile phones than TVs or cinemas, so mobile video has a far greater potential audience, but the difference in figures between mobile phones and game consoles is far greater. And so on, and so forth...
The biggest pro of mobile content (in my opinion) is that it's still relatively cheap to do, so there is still a window for small creators to have a go. The biggest con is the fragmentated nature of the industry -- not just the handsets, but also the number of operators that have to be dealt with. There are ways around these problems, of course...

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