Friday, January 20, 2006

European Mobile Music Sales - from Moco News

European Mobile Music To Reach 7.85 billion Euros
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Frost & Sullivan has released a report about the mobile music market in Europe, predicting that the revenues in the region will hit 7.85 billion euros in 2011 (US$9.5 billion), with ringtones reaching 3.01 billion euros and full-track music sales likely to exceed this at 4.83 billion euros. The article also claims that “purchasing patterns of the older customer segments tend to be more consistent with regard to type of content and usage.”
“Despite certain hiccups, the European mobile music markets are likely to show immense revenue and growth potential. Their case is aided by the overwhelming cooperation from the music industry, technological advances that improve mobile networks and consistent demand for music from almost all age groups. In fact, the demand is expected to be so overwhelming that the mobile music medium may soon outstrip popular mobile entertainment media such as video and TV.”

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