Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mobile Payments in Kuwait - Fierce Wireless

Mobile Payments - Reducing Churn for Wireless Carriers

In an in-depth article, Alex Ritman writes for ITP Technology about NTT DoCoMo's experiences with mobile payments in Japan - and looks at mobile payments initiatives in Kuwaitcould reduce churn by up to 15%. This is what was experienced by NTT DoCoMo.” [Note: Read more about mobile payments in the Payments News Mobile Commerce Archive.] by MTC-Vodafone and the National Bank of Kuwait - where the bank says that 30-40% of its customers have signed up for the service. In the article, Ritman quotes Ghassan Hasbani, principal of Booz Allen Hamilton's communications and technology practice, who says that “M-payments by itself is not a major source of revenue generation - m-payments make up just around 2% of NTT DoCoMo's overall revenue. However, when you introduce mobile payments, it

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