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Bango & X-Pay in Telephony World

March 15, 2006

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March 15, 2006 - Bango announced today that it will support the new X-Pay model for mobile payments at no charge to content providers and aggregators using the Bango Service.

X-Pay is a cross-operator initiative started in the UK that provides a transparent and unified, no-surprises experience for payments made through operator billing systems such as Vodafone m-pay and Orange Directbill. It is designed to re-build trust by ensuring customers always have a clear understanding of the mobile content they are buying and how they will be charged. Bango has worked closely with UK mobile operators to define how X-Pay can address these challenges.

Bango operates the global internet platform for off-portal - or direct-to-consumer - mobile content. This enables content providers to promote their services, attract users and bill for premium content.

Now the Bango platform will automatically activate the X-Pay process where applicable for UK users. This will give content providers better payouts by going through operator billing and also enable users to initiate subscription services without the complications of opting-in via text.

The Bango payment experience for mobile content is used by the world's leading brands including News Corp, Sony BMG, Channel 4 TV, EMI Music, plus thousands of smaller services. Operator billing is considered a superior approach because it provides an audit trail in addition to a clearer payment experience using Bango.

"Subscription services on Premium SMS are a big headache for the industry at large," said Anil Malhotra, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Bango. "We are strong advocates of the mobile internet billing model which is a much more reliable solution for content providers than Premium SMS."

"Our track record shows that wherever direct, operator-powered billing is deployed through Bango, the results for the content providers are much better," continued Malhotra.

About X-Pay
X-Pay is a cross-operator initiative started in the UK by Vodafone and Orange. The aim is to provide a transparent and unified payment standard aiming to build trust by ensuring customers have a clear understanding of what and how they will be charged for mobile content.

Content providers can benefit from the consumer confidence generated by the X-Pay brand so that, for example, consumers know what the cost of a subscription service will be and when they will be charged.

Aggregators whose customers want to access the UK mobile market will be able to offer the Bango solution to ensure X-Pay compliance. This eliminates the need for aggregators to build there own mobile internet payment platform or to track X-Pay rules and compliancy requirements.

About Bango
Bango (AIM: BGO) has developed and deployed an open, global infrastructure platform that enables content providers to market, sell and deliver their products and services directly to mobile phone users on all mobile networks using the mobile Internet. This "direct-to-consumer" approach operates alongside the mobile operator's portal. Leading mobile operators including Cingular Wireless, Vodafone, Orange, Telefonica and O2 work with Bango to accelerate the growth of their 'direct-to-consumer' business.

The Bango platform has given mobile phone subscribers around the world greater access to third-party content. Leading content brands are now adopting the Bango Service to engage with all of their existing and potential mobile customers directly - irrespective of mobile operator. For further information, go to

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