Friday, March 10, 2006

some news on ROK - Moco News

Rok Offers Free Mobile TV Trial

ROK Entertainment Group is offering a free trial of its mobile TV player (Rok TV) with a “text for mobile TV” service for mass-market 2.5G handsets. The idea is that people send in a text message and download the player, for a two-month free trial. After that it’s “£0.99p per channel per month or all 12 channels for £9.99 per month”.“We launched the UK’s first ever independent mass-market 2.5G mobile TV service in October last year, simply to prove our patent-pending technology works,” said Jonathan Kendrick, ROK’s Chairman and CEO. I’m not sure who they were trying to prove it to — themselves, maybe. Whether or not it was marketed seriously before now I suspect the move to offer a free download is an attempt to boost the user base…last month it was reported that Rok TV had only 2,500 customers.

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