Monday, March 27, 2006

If At First You Don’t Succeed, Give up!

Mobile data users lose patience.

An NOP survey has found that mobile data users who encounter problems in using mobile data service will simply give up after one or two attempts rather than seek assistance. On top of this only 2% of customers will actually call the operator to seek some assistance.

According to the survey commissioned by Olista of 1000 adults carried out in September 2005, 64% of those who had actually tried to use a mobile data service such as picture messaging, ring tones and gaming downloads confessed that they would give up trying after one or two attempts. A mere 2% claimed that they would actually seek assistance from their operator or content provider and 25% said they would carry on trying until it worked.

The survey follows on from research conducted earlier this year, also commissioned by Olista, that revealed that 77% of phone users have never used any mobile data services, and of those that had, only 12% professed to be completely satisfied with the experience. The focus of the latest research was on understanding how mobile data users react to poor user experience.

When quizzed on what would encourage them to use more mobile data services, lower prices and easier to use services were top of the list with 53% and 43% of respondents, whilst 32% also felt that better help and advice at point of sale would influence them positively.

"The survey highlights the need for a proactive approach to customer care. Operators need to be able to discover a mobile data problem before the customers know about it and contact them to solve the issue or they face them never returning to the service again" states Glanz.

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