Thursday, March 09, 2006

Money in Mobile Content? - from Moco News

Content May Be King, But The Kingdom Vaults Are Empty
[by james]

This article claims that the mobile industry has lately been driven by the idea that people buy content rather than services, and argues that consumers are increasingly becoming used to receiving content for free rather than paying for it…a lot of examples are given to back up the point. It’s possibly a good point — consumers may be interested in a lot of mobile content, but whether or not they’re interested in paying for it is a different matter…

“All this isn’t to say that content can’t be sold for mobile consumption, but what customers won’t pay for is traditional passive content made up of film studio back-catalogues and TV channels repackaged for mobility. The mobile phone is an interactive device, not just a mechanism through which content can be consumed; content which will sell is interactive content designed for the handset. Games sell well on mobile phones, as they make use of both their mobility and interactive capability, but trying to sell passively consumed content to consumers is a dead end business, regardless of the technology used.”

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