Friday, July 14, 2006

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Half Of Mobile Data Virgins Say Never Again
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A survey by NOP has found that 29% of people using data services during the FIFA World Cup were doing so for the first time, a thumbs up for the mobile content marketing and promotion efforts of the industry. However, 44% of those first-time users have no intention of using data again, a big thumbs down.
The press release by Olista claims that "only 49% of consumers were satisfied with the cost of the mobile data service they used", and "19% believe that if mobile data services were easier to set up and use they would have been encouraged to use the services on offer during 2006 football world cup".
Finally, the question "if the ease of access and quality of service was not a problem which mobile data services would potential users have considered using" the positive responses were as follows: Text alerts (22%), video clips (16%), picture messages (16%), mobile TV (11%).
Once again, it depends on the way the question was asked, and it has been shown that demonstrating the products -- particularly mobile TV -- increases interest. It's unlikely to increase that much in the short term though...

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