Thursday, July 06, 2006

No interest in MMS in Europe -

Messaging - no more - say European mobile users

Souped-up handsets or no souped-up handsets

By Jo Best

Published: Monday 3 July 2006

Mobile content and services have been quickening operators' pulses - but it seems Joe Public couldn't care less.

A report from analyst house JupiterResearch has found that the majority of European consumers - some 68 per cent - are not interested in paying for any data services outside text and picture messaging.

Text messaging unsurprisingly remains the most accepted data service with 79 per cent adoption while - despite the increasing penetration of higher resolution camera phones - MMS trails a long way behind, with 28 per cent take-up by European mobile users.

Mobile video is popular with just eight per cent of the continent's mobiles, and personalisation services - such as ringtones and wallpapers - get the thumbs-up from a mere 15 per cent of users.

According to JupiterResearch, a dearth of suitable handsets cannot explain the lack of enthusiasm. As phones with more sophisticated functionality - such as internet access - have hit the market, use of such capabilities has not risen accordingly.

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